Monday, July 26, 2010

Adam Carolla Book cover

I am a big fan of Adam Carolla.  I have to admit to being a little late to the "Ace Train", but here i am now.  He is just putting the finishing touches a book of rants, which I will be buying when it comes out.  My only complaint is that the book cover that he has for it is pretty bad.  I hope he didn't come up with the idea, my guess is that he didn't.  Anyway, I reinterpreted his book cover for him, so maybe the second printing or softcover can use it.

I went with a motif from the original book cover, and gave it a post-modern look.  If anyone knows him, feel free to send it over to him.  Also tell him if he wants to do any posters for his live dates, I'd be happy to hook him up.


Jeff C. said...

Sorry, dude. The actual cover is better.

Chip Baker said...

I beg to differ. Better? I don't think so. Maybe a lateral move at best. Why is it better? It looks exactly like the kind of thing that Ace would rant against.
Thanks for your input.

hazynibs said...

I think you might really have missed the point of the cover as it is and whom it is an homage to. How does just a plain jacket say anything about the title of the book or about Adam himself? It doesn't even catch the eye.

Chip Baker said...

Maybe I did miss the point. I know it is a homage to Brando in "The Wild One". Maybe the layout is bad. I would also argue that most people will not get it either.

What does the current cover "say" about Adam? Maybe I missed it.

The version that I did was a quickie, and I made it because I didn't like the current version. The font choice is poor and the big red banner with Adam's name in it is garish. I suppose I struck a nerve with some people, but really...

the jacket is pink, like a girl's jacket. It is simple, and I would argue, more direct. And is more eye catching.

I like my version better, maybe someone can come up with a better alternative.