Thursday, March 13, 2008


For my birthday my sister got for me a large book of antique zoological plates circa 1700. It is rad. Here is my version of some snakes. Just practicing, although I am thinking of doing some of my Etsy shoppe. Stay tuned.

Wonderfull Mess

I did this a couple of years ago on some found wood. I have been crushed by work and wedding planning, but am hoping to get going on some more painting projects this summer.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Steel Tigers of Death Skull Poster

Tonight is an awesome show in Portland. It is at The Grass Hut it features a butt load of rad artists, Esther pearl Watson * Mark Todd * Luke Ramsey * Martha Rich * Scrappers * Bwana Spoons * Andrew Brandou * Martin Ontiveros * Le Merde * Cupco * Wrecks * Carson Ellis * Brian Ralph * Jeff Soto * Roberta Alyward * Dawn Riddle * Shawn Wolfe * Chris Johanson * Kiyoshi Nakazawa * Rodney Alan Greenblat * David Wien * Maija Fiebig * APAK * Ryan Jacob Smith * Tim Biskup * James Jean * Lisa DeJohn * Reuben Rude * Will McCurtin * Evan Harris * Monica Canilao * Evah Fan * Deth P. Sun * Jesse Reno * Ron Reggie Jr. * Kurt Halsey * Clutch * Ryan Bubnis * Chris Ryniak * Arbito * Oliver Hibert * Spencer Hibert * Dave the Chimp * John McCambridge * Colin Johnson * Jun Seo Hahm * Amanda Visell * Joshua Herbolsheimer * Mark Nagata * Farel * Scott Saw * Meredith Hamm * Skinner Davis * Cho-Chan * Jill Bliss * Souther Salazar * Gary Baseman * Kristin Cammermeyer * Mark Warren JacQues * Corey Lunn * Corey Smith * Maja Nakazawa * To name a few.

Oh and while you are there feel free to pick up the latest edition of Hi-Jinx!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Horses in the Race

Horses are always hard to do. I saw a picture in Sports Illustrated of a horse race and really thought the composition was interesting, so I drew it and used a little watercolor.