Thursday, October 1, 2009

Air Bud + News

Some notebook action for Air Bud. I apologize for the quality of posts lately. There is lots going on, some creative, some VERY tedious. I am getting a new computer this weekend which is part of the reason that posts have been a little erratic.

Anyway, here is what is coming up:

1) Rock Paper Scissor Tournament of Champions - tshirt, logo, and poster
2) Combo art show "WOLVES", with artist Matt Everett. This will include a new zine, a poster, and numerous wolves, many of which have been featured in this blog.
3) a new Hi-jinx zine
4) a new Cobra Castles Zine
5) facelifts of my website and this blog.
6) a new Steel Tigers poster for Rangotang


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