Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Life Ends, One Continues

So by now some of you readers may know that I went to the prestigious Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana for my undergrad. While I was there I bought a lot of booze at a place called Muncie Liquors. It was a magical place full of booze, and it got me aquatinted with three things that would shape my University experience: Rhinelander beer ( $6 for a case of longneck glass bottles), the liquor gift pack (supplier of shot glasses and bar towels, and Bubba, the man who sold me all of these things.

Bubba was maybe 10 years older than me, but relished selling beer and liquor to college students. He was a large man of both stature and heart, as he also worked with developmentally handicap young adults during the day.

RIP Bubba.


Jenn said...

RIP Bubs

If you happen to find out when his funeral services are please let us know.

Grant said...

I live in Tampa and I just heard. Word is starting to spread. Someone should dedicate a web page where people can leave words and memories as they find out. I was there from 96 to 01 and spent a lot of time in that store. He was a great guy!