Friday, January 16, 2009

Whats new in the new year + a new poster.

So I recently went to the Vera project and got hooked up with a place to start do some serious silkscreening. So this year I am looking forward, and planning on doing a print a month, super small runs, maybe 10. I'll put a few up on Etsy, keep a few and send some out. Hopefully I'll get hooked up with a third party who will be down to sell them for me.

Here is a short list for 2009:
1. Art show
2 2-3 zines ( I am pretty stoked for these!)
3. 12 prints
4. Word on the street has it that I may be considered to do a Rat City Roller girl Poster too! Nothing for sure, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Also a I am taking commissions for rock posters. If you have a band and need a poster let me know.
Here is a preview of my first print. I'll be rocking this thing out in a week or so and will let all of you know when it has dropped.

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